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Discover All About the Characteristics and Purpose of Business Cards!


Networking is a very important activity in the world of business. You are supposed to invest time and money in promoting the name of your corporate or personal brand. For this reason, there are many formal mechanisms through which professionals are able to market themselves. One of the most popular methods is the business card. Here is more about it.

Characteristics of a business card

The standard business card has dimensions of 2 inches wide by 3 inches long. This little document provides your professional details. It contains your name, profession and phone number. It also contains your email address, website and the company that you work for. This card can be prepared at stationery centers. Some of them even offer same day printingBusiness cards come in handy during corporate events, conferences and networking meetings. They serve the purpose of helping other professionals to store and later retrieve your professional information. Business cards have been used as a method of sharing details for a long time. Today, they still serve an important purpose in the corporate scene.

Purpose of a business card

A business card has various important purposes. They include:

  1. Jogs the memory
  2. It is a professional way of sharing information
  3. It is constantly active

Jogs the memory

A business card helps the recipient to remember you. When you meet with people in networking events or business conferences, you can pick out potential business partners or clients. After that, you introduce yourself and what you do. Handing them a business card helps them to refer to it later and remember you. They may even scribble some notes about your conversation on the back of the card. Therefore, a business card serves the purpose of assisting the recipients to recall your professional profile.

It is a professional way of sharing information

Business cards assists you to share professional details in a formal way. When you meet a potential client or business partner, it is always advisable to share your professional information with them. This is so that you can continue the conversation later. business cards penrith help you to share this information in a formal, courteous way. They provide a convenient alternative for having to write your details on a borrowed piece of paper or a napkin.

It is constantly active

A business card is a tangible document. Therefore, its relevance is constant. Thanks to technology, there are many other ways of marketing your business or your profession. They include social media, websites and email. Unfortunately, access to these media can be curtailed by elements such as power blackouts, Internet downtime and regulations preventing the use of technological devices. In such situations, the business card is still active and relevant. It does not experience downtime and can be referred to at any time. Therefore, it is constantly active.


The business card has served as a professional method of sharing information for decades. It has some unique characteristics. Furthermore, the purpose of business cards penrith has not changed ever since inception. These factors are described above.